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260g Carb and Choke Carby Cleaner - Carburetor Linkeage Cleaning Spray

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Kemmie Carb and Choke Cleaner is a fast acting carburetor and choke cleaner that dissolves carburetor deposits such as sludge, gum and varnish. It effectively removes gum, resin, oil, greasy deposits and dirt from carburetors and fuel systems. It is designed to maximise carburetor performance, improve fuel system performance and ensure maximum fuel economy.


  • Dissolves and unclogs gum, varnish, oil, dirt and carbon deposits
  • Assures faster starts and smooth idling
  • Helps restore performance and gas mileage
  • Help improve fuel consumption
  • Extension spray tube included for hard to reach areas
  • Weight: 260g Net Content / 400ml Brim Capacity


Recommended for cleaning automatic chokes, carburetor elements, intake parts and ventilating systems. Suitable for general purpose cleaning of non-painted surfaces.


  • Carburetor- Attach plastic extension tube to valve button. Remove air cleaner with engine turned off. spray exposed parts of carburetor throat. Start engine and spray inside of carburetor liberally. Adjust air fuel mixture. Complete cleaning by spraying outside of carburetor until clean.
  • Automatic Chokes - Remove air cleaner and spray Carb and Choke cleaner on to the choke valve shaft, opening and closing choke by hand,. Remove choke cover and start engine. Keep engine running and spray into vacuum cylinder. After mechanism is clean and free, replace cover and air cleaner.
  • Carburetor Linkeage - Spray carburetor linkeage until oil and other deposits disappear.

Storage and Warning:

Aerosol is pressurised. Keep away from direct sun exposure and temperatures over 50C. Do not open by force or throw into fire even after use. Do not spray on flames or on hot objects. Keep container tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Please observe the storage instructions for aerosols on back of bottle. If spilled or sprayed on painted surface, wipe off or wash off immediately.

First Aid:

Please refer to back of bottle

Package Includes:

Carb and Choke Cleaner