Hoof Fit Hoof Care and Healing Gel

Hoof Fit Hoof Care and Healing Gel

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Intracare Hoof-fit topical gel is a highly-concentrated semi-liquid product made from only organic material. The solution contains a combination of copper and zinc which is known for its anti-microbial properties and healing stimulation, contained in aloe-vera plant extract gel.

Hoof-fit  Gel has strong adhesion and is easily spreadable.

Use Hoof-fit generously after trimming and repairing a damaged hoof. Give particular attention to the inter-digital cavity. Application can be repeated after 4-5 days.

For reliable results the hoof must be bandaged for a short period (1-2 days) after application of gel. A short piece of cohesive bandage is quite adequate. Bandage must then be removed after 2 days.

A brush is supplied for easy application to the hoof.

For external use only.

Nil withholding period

330ml container (430gm)

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