Lamb Milk Feeder Easy Feeder 2.5L
Lamb Milk Feeder Easy Feeder 2.5L
Lamb Milk Feeder Easy Feeder 2.5L

Lamb Milk Feeder Easy Feeder 2.5L

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Easy Feeder is a single-speed lamb nursing bottle with 2.5 litre capacity. It holds enough milk in one bottle to feed 2 or 3 lambs

This bottle uses the popular EXCAL ‘Little Softy’ teat. .

They are a very high quality, durable product made by Shoof.

These feeders feature intelligently designed bottle with multi-directional easy-grip hand hold. The teat is mounted low in the cap to empty the bottle contents completely. The wide 70mm-diameter neck ensures easier filling and cleaning, and the coarse-thread cap is quick and easy to fit. The wide base gives the bottle maximum stability when standing.

Or buy just the teat/cap assembly to convert your calf Easy/Speedy feeder into a lamb feeder

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Spare teats are available supplied as fitted teat/cap assemblies, green cap for Easy Feeder and blue cap for Speedy Feeder, or as bare teat. (Teat replacement needs some strength to achieve.)