Rain Gauge Wireless Digital RAINMAN

Rain Gauge Wireless Digital RAINMAN

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Rainman Wireless Digital Rain Gauge and Thermometer

Wireless rain gauges are the new era. No more running outside to read and empty collection devices. With these digital devices, everything you want to know is available.

Wireless transmission of outdoor temperature and rainfall up to 100m from indoor display unit (line of sight - 868 MHz)

Display unit shows digital indication and graph of the current rainfall amount, the last hour, previous 24 hours, 7 days, and month.

Other Features:

 - Rainfall history for previous 365 days

 - Rainfall Alert

 - Indoor temperature display

 - Clock with time & date, and alarm with snooze function

Just place the collector funnel outdoors in a suitable and appropriate place up to a maximum 100m from display unit.

Powered by 2 x 'AA’ batteries in base station and 2 x 'AA’ in transmitter unit. (Batteries not supplied.)

This is a High Quality unit made by Germany company TFA Dostmann

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