Electric Fence Energizer 2.5 Joule 12V DC and Solar
Electric Fence Energizer 2.5 Joule 12V DC and Solar
Electric Fence Energizer 2.5 Joule 12V DC and Solar
X Stop

Electric Fence Energizer 2.5 Joule 12V DC and Solar

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X-STOP BA250LEDS 2.5 Joule DC Electric Fence energiser

The X-Stop BA250LEDS is an electric fence energiser that can be powered with a 12 volt battery or connected directly to a solar panel.

It provides 2.5 joule output at 8.5 kV and can power up to 20km of multi-wire fence.

It features a LED Indicator light bar that indicates the level of output and can be used to indicate when there is a fault on the fenceline.  This unit also features a variable output switch which can be used to reduce power output and extend the battery life. This is very useful when using a battery alone without solar, or with a solar panel in low sun conditions.

Easy to set up and can be used for permanent or temporary fencing. Suitable for cattle, sheep, horses and other livestock. Can be connected to a standard 12V car battery or similar (deep cycle type recommended).

A 20W solar panel can be supplied to keep the battery charged.  The solar panel connects directly to the energiser which features an inbuilt solar supply regulator..

It is IP54 rated weatherproof and dustproof and built to CE safety specifications

Inbuilt high voltage circuit protection to protect from lightning. Disconnection during electrical storms is recommended as lightning protection will not protect the unit from a direct strike on a fence wire.

12 month manufacturers warranty (excludes lightning strike)

Warning: Do not connect a solar panel with a current output of greater than 2 amps directly to unit or damage may occur. Recommended solar panel: 20W with less than 1.5A supply. Use of deep cycle battery recommended to avoid damage to battery.

Package contents:

1x BA250LEDS energiser.

1 set fence connecting leads with alligator clips.

Optional - 1 x 20W solar panel with fold out legs

8Kv wireless fence tester also available at reduced price at checkout

A 15kV digital fence tester / faultfinder is also available for purchase separately.

Battery not included. 

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Model Number: BA250LEDS

Power supply: 12 volts / 85mA
Consumption: 0.05 - 0.15 A / hour
Output Voltage: 8500 volts
Delivered power vacuum: 2.8 joules
Power output at 500 ohms: 2.5 joules
Effective fence length:  20km
Maximum wire length :  40km

Dimensions: 220mm x 275mm x 100mm
Weight: 2.5kg